Easter Break Audio Treats

  Easter Break Audio Treats ... that won't make you fat! Here are a list of Easter Break Audio Treats - performed by people with great voices to learn from.. So sit back, kick your shoes off, click on a title you fancy and indulge! ... with absolutely no guilt...  while you feast :)  In [...]

Spooky Tricks or Treats For Public Speaking

Are You Frightened of Public Speaking? Are you frightened of Public Speaking and dread it when you know you are going to have to do it? This is a very common problem. Public Speaking can be terrifying if you don't know what you are doing or have techniques to improve your skill. I love teaching [...]

Did You Know Having A Better Accent = Better Income?

Did You Know Better Accent = Better Income?      ...discussed On BBC Radio 5 Live Do you believe a Better Accent = Better Income?  BBC Radio 5, asked me to do a 30 minutes live discussion on how people are changing their accents to improve their career path to [...]

Valentines Gift for Sweethearts and Singles

Valentines Gift for Sweethearts and Singles! This Valentines Gift for Sweethearts and Singles is to spread the love... A 40% DISCOUNT for Valentines week - bring a friend along, no matter whether your lover or cleaner and have a lesson for two for the price for one! Valentines treats are for everyone  - not just those [...]

Trump versus Clinton: Public Speaking and Presentation Analysis

The Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton, public speaking styles in this most recent Presidential Debate, continue to be markedly different. I have just watched the second presidential debate between Hillary and Trump and have been so impressed by Hillary’s public speaking delivery and presentation skills. Despite a barrage of insults, over talking, interruptions and verbal bullying [...]

Voice Coaching Clarity Homework

This week's voice coaching clarity homework, is a truly remarkable audio production of a favourite play. Filled with lots of different voices with lots of different accents that are clear and beautifully annunciated, there are a variety of regional accents, all with excellent diction. It's a brave and wonderful project in four parts, staring the [...]


Elocution Learning excellent elocution should be fun. I have just finished listening to The Forsytes  ~ on BBC Radio 4. It's a dramatised version of the novels by John Galsworthy, dramatised for radio by Shaun McKenna and it is wonderful and great for improving your elocution! Over the next two years, BBC Radio 4 is [...]

Elocution & Accent Reduction with BBC Radio 4

Elocution & Accent Reduction with BBC Radio 4 Studying elocution & accent reduction with BBC Radio 4 is a wonderful tool to help you, because no one can get a job on Radio 4 unless they speak clearly so this really will enhance your training with me. I teach you the engineering - what is [...]

Using a Variety of Techniques for Public Speaking & Elocution

One of the techniques I teach for creating a bright, open, attractively toned voice, is a singing dicipline I learned from my late singing teacher Ian Adam. He was a wonderful man whom believed and proved, as I have done using his techniques, that ANYONE can sing. And indeed using his methods, I have helped [...]

It’s All In The Tongue!

I am  becoming a geek... and loving it. I always secretly admired geeks. My ex was an electric organ geek, as well as a cycling geek and I happily listened to him for hours as he described in minute details the workings of a 1960 Hammond Organ and the gradients of another vertical mountain pass. [...]