When you are asked to do a presentation it can be quite nerve racking!

However, the opportunity can be fantastic for your career – but you need to prepare fastidiously… because presenting yourself and your report or ideas in the best possible light is essential for success.

I will teach you: powerful editing techniques to make a concise but engaging presentation; microphone technique; ways of communicating effectively with your audience; tricks to energize them; and how to actually enjoy yourself  which will of course mean that you colleagues will enjoy watching and listening to you!

You will learn how to edit your speeches so that your listeners hear your message clearly and are persuaded.

You will learn how to present yourself physically so as not to distract from what you are saying.

You will learn how the musicality of your delivery affects your listener detrimentally or positively.  I will teach you how to maintain interesting cadence and develop the musicality of voice.

You will learn how to present in person, with a resonant & authoritative voice for a large meeting room by learning breathing and voice projection.

For Internet Web Conferences, you will learn how to present to camera in an elegant and warm manner, intrinsic to winning people over to your point of view.

You will learn how to physically communicate with an audience, maintaining energy and interest whilst referring to a report or screen information

You will learn posture & physical balance

You will learn preparing of text for physical handling and easy vocal delivery with confidence

You will enjoy the response from your audience and feel proud of your presentation skills!