Public Speaking

Most people are terrified of public speaking whether it’s boardroom meetings; conference calls; leading conference calls; presenting legal cases or commercial stratagies; press briefings; representing your team; corporate events; charity events; shareholder meetings; pitches or presentations. This is perfectly normal.

I have taught directors and executives from all around the world and the fears they have, overwhelm the bravest and most intelligent, of men and women.  But, these fears are simply your subconscious shouting loudly that you don’t know the techniques and essential skills, needed to hold an audiences’ attention so successfully, that you can actually enjoy the process.

When you are intelligent and you know you are lacking the techniques and certain skills, relevant for the particular public speaking you have to do,  this makes you incredibly nervous. You know there is a gap between what you want to achieve – and know is possible – and how you are going to do it.

So, if right now, you are scared of public speaking, the chances are you have a good brain and you know you just haven’t accumulated the skills you need to perform in a way that you know you truly can, if you had the know how.

I teach you the techniques that every effective and successful public speaker knows, must be used when public speaking: to moderate your voice quality appropriately for your audience, subject and perspective to the content; tone; pitch; register;  posture needed for your voice to  resonate in your body so that it sounds powerful and authoritative, whilst you remain appealing and attractive to your audience.

Whether your public speaking means you  need to present in the boardroom; host or participate in conference calls; deliver complicated or information filled presentations, pitches, strategies; whether at conferences you need to perform link speeches, introduce experts or top execs, deliver informative speeches, I can teach you to sound interesting – whatever the subject.

Yes really. However complicated and jargon dense, there are ways of making your prose and performance, entertaining as well as highly informative – I promise you.

The result being that not only do people enjoy listening to you, but you feel much more confident and of course this allows you to be fully present, not feel scared and actually enjoy communicating.

Yes all of the above really is possible.

Public Speaking Training in All Areas by Rachel Preece.