Client’s Praise for Rachel

Rachel is one of the most positive, productive, energetic and enthusiastic teachers it has been my pleasure to know. (I taught at Ashbourne College)
Mike Kirby (
 The Principal of Ashbourne College

Rachel takes everything you do apart and starts again with a professional rebuild including: preparation; scripting; performing; posture; breathing; vocalising and rehearsing. Incredibly useful.
Giles Rowe (CEO and CIO) of Henderson Rowe

People kept shaking my hand telling me what a great job I did!
Managing Director (Danish) of Goldman Sachs

Rachel understands elocution & speech from every angle: physiological; sociological; historical & that, truly helped me.. Added to her vast knowledge, her positive attitude & well structured methodology, the only possible outcome, is success! 
Samuel Garcia Vega 
(Spanish) CVA Quant Lloyds TSB 

Rachel is an outstanding voice coach: she helped me a lot to improve my British accent .
Paul Vorobyev 
(Russian) Manager – Balfour Beatty

In only 3 weeks Rachel raised my IELTS mark from a 6 to an 8 ..!  Rachel is an excellent teacher: she made hard work fun and I learnt so much in a very short time. Her teaching method is very different from other people: she is the expert of correcting people’s pronunciation. 
Yunqi Zhuang (Chinese)

Thanks to Rachel, I got 8 in IELTS I strongly believe taking her way of teaching is the easiest & quickest way to boost your IELTS score.
Atsushi Nishimoto  (Japenese)

Ava (Chinese student) got an EIGHT for speaking !!!! I was flabbergasted ! So many congratulations on your great work !. definitely sending more students your way.
Judith Cronin, IELTS Specialist for Written papers.

A very senior American lady in my team watched my presentation & told me I looked really relaxed, natural & that my voice carried well!  No microphone!
C L (British Public Speaker)  of F C A

Rachel applies herself wholeheartedly to every lesson demonstrating a wonderful mixture of professionalism, hard work, humour, eccentricity & unquestionable charm! This, coupled with a super impressive selection of herbal teas, student tailored conversation topics & genuine interest in cultural & linguistic differences – guarantees quick progress & great fun!
Anna Selwyn (Polish)  Head of EOTAS,  Education,  Brent Council.

I have been told I sound like I live part time in England & that I have an Oxford English accent!
Stella Wilde (German) Financial Technical Analyst in Munic – Skype Lessons 

With Rachel I progressed quickly, learning well spoken English pronunciation & speaking skills. Rachel is delightful & extraordinary; thorough; patient; reliable & effective. I’m very grateful. It’s amazing!
Tea Chaldize (Gorgian) Manager, Becketts Foods

I used to have a strong Nigerian accent before working with Rachel. I work in the entertainment industry and l need people all around the world to understand me. Rachel’s method of teaching was so different from previous teacher: fun and very effective. The feedback I’ve received has been very good.  I now speak with confidence in front of cameras. I recommend lessons with Rachel to anyone. She’s a great teacher.
Mercy B (Nigerian) Global TV Talent Show Presenter.

I come from and am delighted with the results. I now communicate much more effectively. I strongly recommend her.
L. C (Georgian) City Conference Manager

My son is so much easier to understand & much more confident in himself & that is wonderful! You’re much appreciated – thank you for all you are doing with him.
SM – Mother of British male 17 yr old 

Taking a 12 Lesson Course after my initial 90 minutes with Rachel, was a useful investment of my time and money. Halfway through, my native English speaking colleagues and friends said my pronunciation was better & very English. To cement what I’d learned, I took more lessons which helped to re-wire my habitual way of speaking to be clearer and more eloquent. Rachel put a great effort into tailoring the classes for my particular goals and made them accessible and fun. I highly recommend her.
(Russian) Associate Director, Banker & Yoga Teacher

Despite having lived in London for 20 years, I still had a strong French accent and some people found it difficult to understand me. I was conscious that it didn’t help my career in Investment Banking where excellent communication skills are a must. I decided to get help from Rachel Preece and undertook a course of 12 sessions. It was an investment that I didn’t regret! Rachel is a gem of a person. Her expertise of voice kinetics is second to none. During the course, I became aware of the exact mechanics of my own accent. It felt such a freedom to understand at last why my voice sounded different to the British accent.  I then learned how to improve it by changing the position of my mouth and tongue, the gaps between my teeth, and my “beauty muscles” as Rachel refers to them. Rachel is a sophisticated person with great British etiquette yet she is very accessible, down to earth and with a great sense of humour. During the lessons she made me feel at ease like I was a friend. I always came out of her lessons uplifted. I tried both home and Skype lessons and they work equally well. Thank you Rachel for the fine teaching and the good times!
Amandine (French) Risk Management, Investment Banking.

Being brought up in Coventry, I’d never had imagined that one day I could speak Standard English so convincingly. Rachel’s teaching is faultless & she made learning Standard English a lot easier than I’d anticipated! I highly recommend her.
Polly White (Northern English) Actress & Teacher.

Rachel was an excellent teacher: I reduced my accent & acquired a more, authentic Standard English (or RP) accent.  Dedicated and creative in her approach, she listens and tailors her lessons to fit you. With a deep and sound understanding of the technicalities of how sounds are made by the tongue, lips, teeth & jaw, she was able to break them down and explain them so effectively, that I incorporated them into my daily life. A talented mimic, she uses this to explain how & why we pronunciation words differently from those who speak Standard English, very effectively and so what to do – to change. We also covered rhythm and meter through the speaking of  poems & Shakespeare, which was great for accent intonation. Rachel’s many years of teaching experience – & singing & acting – are intrinsic & valuable  assets to her style: a wonderful, encouraging & warm teacher who makes learning fun & very  rewarding.
S.L.  Lawyer (HongKong, Chinese)

In one month Rachel helped me achieve an IELTS score 8! Allowing me to study medicine. She was strict and funny ~ a good combination ~ and very sympathetic to my frustration. I had been to other teachers before and I loved that her teaching methods are totally different from others and it clearly helped me to reach my mark. I highly recommend her.
Ausra Suchodolskyte (Lithuanian) Medic

Rachel taught me how to speak Standard English – I’m South African – and I gained English accent acting jobs.. She is very motivating; recognizes what you need to work on & works conscientiously with you to achieve this. She gave me fantastic advice & direction.
Isla Hall (South African) Actress

Quick results! Personally the aim for me was to get results as soon as possible. Whilst I thought that I would need at least a few lessons to have an apparent difference in my pronunciation, I was wrong. People could notice my accent change after the very first lesson, which was unexpected but absolutely brilliant! This is due to the effective method Rachel uses!

Confidence! I must say that I not only reduced my accent, but I also feel more confident and look much better when I speak. I never liked the way my mouth was unsymmetrical when I spoke in the past. I thought that it was just the shape of my face, but actually it was the way I was moving my facial muscles. After taking lessons with Rachel and learning how to control the way my face moves, my looks and the impression I make on people completely changed. People now find me friendlier and happier.

Rachel was extremely patient with me and personalised my exercises to fit my personal life. This really helped, because I was working on something I found genuinely interesting and practice therefore never felt like a duty. On the contrary, I enjoyed it immensely!

Another thing I found particularly useful is that we worked on my personal vocabulary – meaning I practiced pronouncing correctly the words I used mostly in my everyday life. Therefore people noticed immediately, because I was practicing on words I use daily.

I strongly recommend Rachel! Her method is so efficient and she is incredibly kind, patient and really cares about her clients and their progress.
Krasimera (Bulgarian) Accountant & Entrepreneur

Too give a composed, professional, confident talk, read Rachel’s Tips and Tricks for Public Speaking. This guides you through a comprehensive step-by-step approach to Public Speaking.  I have never been a natural when it comes to Public Speaking but I had been asked to give a presentation at an International Conference and it was important for me to give it my best shot.  I looked for some advice on the internet and found Rachel Preece’s website and her Tips and Tricks for Public Speaking.  I read through the guide and addressed each point in turn.  I certainly spent more time preparing for the presentation than I would have normally, but this prior preparation ensured a great performance on the day.   I always thought that some people were just naturally good at public speaking and others were not.  Rachel’s guide helped me realise that anyone can deliver a confident speech or talk if they prepare adequately.  It is not as good as a private one to one sessions with Rachel, which I have now had, but it was and is, the next best thing!
K.G. (International Public Speaker) British Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon 

Rachel is an amazing dialect and accent coach. For example for South African she will offer you 4 different dialects and research another if you need it! She is a natural mimic, so no accent is too difficult and she then analyses it and dissects it to teach you – and it works! Reliable every time, even at short notice, Rachel has helped me many times and I consider her to be the best dialect coach in London. Talullah Sheffield (British) Actress & Casting Director

Rachel gave me fast results using original methods that are outstanding. She taught me where my tongue should be placed to make a cut-glass English T’s, D’s and all the other sounds. She can hear where your tongue is enabling me, under her instruction, to correct the sound. She taught me how to make clear English r’s and l’s, not only explaining the positions but by making me draw diagrams so that I could not forget and will always be able to see, clearly, that the tongue and lips are in completely different places. She gives homework to practice the knowledge – it is like learning the piano – you must do your practice! I enjoy her teaching as she is kind, patient and funny. I highly recommend her!
Qi Yan (Chinese) FX & Commodity Relationship Manager, Speaker, Blogger- Developing People-to-People relationship with clients

Having a one-to-one session in person, with the lovely Rachel Preece is a great thing but, having your lesson with her over Skype, takes it to a whole new level.
You get so much more value for your money, as Rachel asks you to record the lesson, so that you’re able to go back and replay the lesson as many times as you want!
You can see when you got it right and when you didn’t, making learning from her, super fast.
It’s also great if you’re going to be on camera, allowing you to be more objective about yourself and how you come over on screen. Changes can happen very quickly & sometimes instantly because you learn to how monitor yourself to keep projecting the sound and image you want.
I highly recommend learning from Rachel on Skype
Stacey A .D –  Freelance Broadcast Journalist