Bespoke Study Ades


I design Bespoke Study Ades – tailor made for your needs, with which to practice …  listen and repeat.. 

I used to record Audio English, for Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press, for many years, to boom out in class rooms around the world – so now I can do it for you

The Bespoke Study Ades product below, came out of so many requests from students and they have found their individual sound files incredibly helpful 

You can listen to your files over and over and over again –  repeating to your heart’s content until you feel you have performed some level of perfection

Bespoke Study Ades really make a big difference to your progress because you can focus on the words you are most worried about and not waste time practising charming, but irrelevant rhymes.

What will push you forward very quickly, is targeted practise on your most commonly spoken words and phrases.


Listen and Repeat . . . Your Practice Program Audio File 

15/30 minute recording of me recording your work words, with space after each one, for you to listen and repeat.

i.e. a tailor made Practice Audio File specific to your and/or your company’s needs for you to keep.  

Charged in units of 15 mins @ £50

If however you have another idea of what you would like me to record – just ask and I will create whatever is necessary for your needs. Let’s make this fun!