Empowering Women in the Workplace

A particular passion of mine is empowering women, to speak confidently and with authority.

It is well documented how highly intelligent, well informed women feel insecure in the work place.

Empowering women means teaching them how to look and sound and feel more confident and so elicit better responses from the men around them.

It is well known that if you advertise a position, 90% of the applicants will be men, only 10% of whom will actually be qualified enough for the job.

All of the 10% of female applicants tend to be over qualified.

Gradually, more and more women are taking up higher and more responsible positions and we need them.

Women are well known for their negotiating skills and so empowering women means I’m helping to redress the balance and improve the gender balance in and on, boards of authority.

I love helping women to find their voice … and so their power.

This in turn raises their career path which is very exciting and very rewarding for me and them!