Weekly Audio Homework of Your Choice!

To be downloaded or listened to, via the BBC RADIO iplayer (the pink app: not the black tv app).

You can’t get a job on Radio 4 unless you have great diction and a very clear way of speaking.

So …

The 20 radio programs listed below have been researched by and are recommended by me.

There is something for everybody. Most of these programs are broadcast weekly on Radio 4, however some drama productions were broadcast earlier in the year and so have to be purchased on iTunes or Amazon.
Hopefully (!) you will find something that you enjoy listening to; so, have a browse, press the link and listen or download for when you can relax and enjoy a little accent brainwashing! Enjoy!


All in The Mindinteresting latest research



Any Questionscurrent affairs in politics and economics



Bottom Line (Business/Economics) – business & economics discussions with business leaders



Crossing Continents



From Our Own Correspondent award winning journalism from around the world



History of the worldfascinating description and explanation of purpose of 100 objects in the British Museum



In Business Business!



Inside Health by Mark Porter – latest medical research in an accessible format for us all!



Inside Science



Law in Action – current legal topics discussed by eminent lawyers



Stephen Fry`s English Delight (Series 2) – a humorous look at the history of the English language



The Barchester Chronicles – Series 1 2 3 4 5 & 6 – a delightful production: a very good script and wonderful actors.



The CazaletsSeries 1 2 3 4 & 5  – a beautifully dramatized production of Elizabeth Howard’s family saga, spanning over fifty years. One of the most beautifully crafted series I have ever heard.. This is is a must for all those who wish to sound educated, clear and well spoken.

Only available only from iTunes   https://itunes.apple.com/gb/audiobook/cazalets-epic-full-cast-bbc/id916990198


The Life Scientific – Leading scientists talk about their life and work; what inspires and motivates them and what their discoveries might do or have done for mankind.



The News Quiz – hilarious current affairs comedy quiz show – I highly recommend it – sometimes you can listen three times and still laugh a lot!



The Now Show – Broadcast alternatively with the The News Quiz so no current link available: very clever political satire executed by highly skilled impersonators – very good.


Unreliable Evidence – Fascinating current exponent study of English law



Woman`s Hour – current affairs that affect women of all ages – essential for any female students and of course… men!

Monday; Wednesday & Saturday:  hosted by Jane Garvey, who is great fun and humorous, as well as  thought provoking.

Thursday-Friday Jenny Murray hosts who is rather self opinionated…


Weekend Woman’s Hour – a wonderful selection and summary of the week’s topics and interviews