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The Rachel Preece The Voice Coach Data Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 23rd May 2018


Your privacy and security is very important to me. The following summary outlines key points regarding your data and how I use it.

Who am I?

I am a Voice Coach who occasionally sends out free resources for voice improvement to augment my training or to help subscribers, with free ideas to improve their voice.

On what legal basis do I process your data?

Your data will be processed on the basis of the consent you give me when you register to receive my newsletters for homework or register with me as student.

What type of data do I collect from you?

I collect information you voluntarily provide to me.

I also keep details of whether you have clicked on the link to my blog to view it to do the homework (!) and your emails and messages to me.

 How will your data be used?

I use your data solely to enable me to provide you with good service.

I will never sell your data on to any third parties.

How long will your data be kept?

I will keep your student registration form in a paper file for three years – as people often come back and this avoids you having to fill in a student registration form again – but I keep that hidden and very safe – and your email address stays on my newsletter homework data base until you decide otherwise.

Privacy Policy Security

I never put your registration details in digital data form, for your own security and both our peace of minds!


Full Privacy Policy

I treat your security and the security of your personal data, very seriously.

My objective is to provide my subscribers and students with a safe, secure and private environment where you can find free information for learning and enjoy my services.

I’ve compiled this Privacy Policy so you know how I treat and protect your data.

Please note, I may change the Privacy Policy at any time by posting a revised version on the service. Please check the Privacy Policy whenever you want to use my services.

You agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy if you continue to use my Services following the date on which the revised Privacy Policy is published on the service.


  1. Information collected

I collect information you voluntarily provide to me when you complete your student registration form or write to me or subscribe to my newsletter, including personally identifiable information such as your name and email address.

This information is stored: the registration form in a paper file in the form of hard copies and email address in my homework newsletter data base.

I also keep emails or any messages we send to each other.

As you see my website has cookies but I don’t use these.

All of this data is referred to as personal data.


  1. Legal basis

Personal data is processed on the basis of one or more of the following:

  • The consent you give me when you join me. If you wish to withdraw that consent, please unsubscribe from the newsletter.
  • You have the right to request that your data is erased. Please contact me and I will ensure that it is securely disposed of.


  1. Control and disclosure of your personal data

I keep your student registration paper form, in a secure location and securely dispose of it after three years of you leaving my services.


  1. How do I use personal and other data?

By providing me with your personal data you are giving your consent:

  • For me to call your named emergency contacts in the event of a medical emergency

It will be stored securely, then be archived for a period of three years after you leave my services, after which time it will be securely disposed of.


  1. No Spam policy

I will not send you spam emails.