I teach actors specific dialects or accents for auditions or plays or working in television or films.

Rachel is amazing:for South African she’ll offer you 4 different dialects and research another if you need it! A natural mimic:no accent too difficult,she analyses it, dissects it and then teaches you – and it works! Reliable every time, even at short notice, Rachel has helped many times – I consider her the best dialect coach in London.
-Talullah Sheffield www.unitedagents.co.uk/tallulah-sheffield

I have worked extensively as a voice over artist regularly doing impressions of whom so ever was in fashion since 1995.

If you need an accent that I am not familiar with, I can use my impersonation skills to just hear it and recreate it. Then I will analyze it and construct a way for you to learn it by making it accessible to your ear; generally, by breaking it down into components and sounds which you recognize and can reassemble, producing a fluent dialect.