Valentines Gift for Sweethearts and Singles!

Valentines Gift, From Rache Preece voice coachThis Valentines Gift for Sweethearts and Singles is to spread the love… A 40% DISCOUNT for Valentines week – bring a friend along, no matter whether your lover or cleaner and have a lesson for two for the price for one!

Valentines treats are for everyone  – not just those who are loved up 🙂

So if you are curious (or an existing student) and have always wanted to try this out – here is your chance, with a friend for courage or otherwise, at nearly half the price!

This is great for current students as I can analyse how your friend/lover, are influencing your jaw, lips and tongue movements.

This Valentines Gift for Sweethearts and Singles offer also includes presentation training and indeed anything – click Everything I Offer to choose 🙂

Eg. you could each bring a presentation and we could make you both look fabulous for work!

Or I could lay up the Etiquette learning dining table and we could have a pretend meal with various pretend wines in appropriate glasses, with linen napkins and silver tableware etc

Or I could film you? And teach you how to look great on camera…

Your choice 🙂

Please call 07967 358 796 or email or Click Here if you are interested – the offer is open now, for bookings between Monday the 13th February to Sunday the 19th inclusively.

Times available: 1pm to 21.00 hrs daily, Skype or in person.

Valentines Gifts for Sweethearts and Singles is for everyone – especially us singles!  It’s a time to remember to give ourselves treats and opportunities that we have wanted a very long, long time… 🙂

Best wishes

Rachel Valentines Gift, From Rache Preece voice coach

Valentines Gifts for Sweethearts and Singles