Rachel taught me A Well Educated English Accent

My name is Alex and although I am Russian and grew up there, under Rachel’s guidance, I can now speak with a well educated English accent on a daily basis.

I can now sound as if I had attended a top English private school and then Oxford or Cambridge, because I have changed the way I make my vowels and consonants.

This means that if I practice daily, my accent is acceptable in the most prestigious surroundings and fits in with my most important directors and clients.

This has elicited responses that are making my life so much easier.

I have really noticed a difference in how people are responding to me.

Rachel’s method is very logical, so if I follow the diagrams and repeat the word lists we have developed between us that I use daily for my specific business, I have been able to and continue to, notice results very quickly.

She also records specific words in practice sound files for me, to practise during the week.

But I do have to remember to practice daily and infront of a mirror. This makes all the difference as then I can see what my tongue is doing.

I have found my attention to my tongue’s precision of movement is essential until it becomes second nature – and that takes a lot of practice – but it has definitely been worth it!

Alex (Russian)

Thank you Alex! Rachel x