Why I Love Voice Coaching

There are many reasons why I love voice coaching: 

I love helping people who are scared, how to do their business presentations …

I love teaching people how easy it is to reduce their accent and acquire a more neutral British accent, that won’t pigeonhole them!

I love  teaching voice projection which makes people feel more confident.

I love teaching Shakespeare for an English rhythm making people sound more measured, melodic and more understandable.

I love hearing speeches that we have honed together, made funny together or made fascinating together.

I love teaching editing techniques for public speaking.

I love teaching people how easy it is to  accent change,  learn accent softening,  reduce their accent,  speak RP – Received Pronunciation or a Rachel Preece voice – ha ha! 🙂

… and most of all, I love seeing my students fascination with how easy it is to make completely different sounds

… and so sound, completely different

… glow with confidence and surprise at their newly learned skills

and generally smile as they articulate beautifully with their newly found excellent elocution

..what’s not to love about helping people sound great?! 🙂

Rachel Preece the Voice Coach