Clever People Talk Quickly

Clever people talk quickly – it’s a fact of life.

Clever people talk quickly, because their brains work quickly – like they have have an i7 processor (latest speeds of computers’ abilities to process information ) rather than an i5 or even an i3.

Clients often come to me saying, “I need to speak more slowly, people say I talk so quickly that they don’t understand all the words I’m saying…”.

Going against your natural speed of thought and so speech delivery will make you feel self conscious, limited and possibly make you sound dull! Speed isn’t the problem – it’s your diction.

Consider how fast Boris Johnson or Stephen Fry sometimes speak. Yet we understand everything they say.

Think of your favourite, fast thinking, quick witted comedians who can respond quickly and cleverly, to heckling audience members and how you always understand them: good diction again.

And it doesn’t matter what regional accent they are speaking in either!

You need your brain to work as quickly as it can for you, as when fast and effective communication is needed to put your point over, time is generally limited – whatever the situation.

Whether it’s convincing your boss you are brilliant, saving a deal, or convincing your partner you haven’t been unfaithful – you need to be able to express yourself clearly, at the speed at which your brain works, so that you can respond to the situation, quickly and effectively.

You can only improve so far, by listening to good voices, which is why clever people come to me, to learn what their jaw, lips and especially their tongue inside the mouth, needs to be doing, but-

 listening to great voices, to learn from  is a start.

It’s a link a blog I wrote earlier with a list of 40 men and women, with great voices to learn from…

20 male and 20 female voices  from which you can choose and then pop their names into the Audible search box to find a book of your choosing!

Sonmething you would like to listen to, on  a topic of your choice: an audio book you will look forward to listening to…

Then, let the brain washing begin! I love listening to my audio books as I wait for sleep – the actor/reader, calms my buzzing mind and using the sleep timer app, in Audible, I then drift off to sleep after my chosen period of time.

New Research on learning and powerful effect of sleep consolidating and storing information in our brains, can be gathered from an audio book called Why We Sleep – astounding – not a voice to learn from though!

I felt quite vindicated 🙂  I always used to use sleep to cement in an accent for performing in a studio the next day 🙂

It works!

Clever people do talk quickly and really clever people learn how to keep their audience engaged, through excellent diction, whilst enjoying the speed and allure, of their super fast, processing brain!