Social Mobility

Social Mobility is desired by most people who work hard, for themselves and their family.

Hashi Mahammed – one of my voice heroes – has made and presented a fascinating BBC R4  program, about social mobility.

Hashi came to the UK as a nine year old Somalian, as an unaccompanied, child refugee.

At first he didn’t do well, thinking he would always return, but after a return trip to Somalia and seeing how hard life was there, he changed his mind.  He then changed his attitude to the world around him and decided to enthusiastically assimilate with UK culture and society.

He observed and learned what would bring him success in his chosen country: what would improve his chances of social mobility.

The result was and is, miraculous.


How To Achieve Social Mobility

Hashi completely changed his life and career prospects, by accepting what ‘is’ rather than what should or could be: he changed his accent.

Of course he also studied at school and university, but he significantly changed his accent.


He Changed His Accent

By changing his accent, the doors that would have been closed to a Somalian refugee with a strong Arabic influenced English speaking accent, were no longer shut.

He fitted himself to ‘what is’, rather than ‘what if’ and learned the optimum pronunciations of English vowels and consonants.

Using clear, precise diction, he gave himself a chance.

He worked on making an attractive speaking voice that can be understood by the entire United Kingdom and internationally.

We work in an international market now – whatever you do – so you need to learn the optimum sounds for your maximum chances.


The Results of Believing in Social Mobility

Hashi Mahmmed  is now a successful barrister,  BBC program maker AND national broadcasting presenter!

He has two jobs that demand excellent communication skills, superb diction and vowels that can communicate with an international audience.

click: Adventures in Social Mobility

is a very interesting program and well worth a listen …

Hashi speaks so well it is also a great listen for accent audio brainwashing.

By changing or merely improving your accent, you will improve your chances of Social Mobility too…