Why I think Skype Voice Coaching is the best!

When I suggest trying Skype voice coaching most people think I am trying to fob them off with a lesser experience.

I’m not and here’s why.

You receive better value with Skype Voice Coaching as your receive more tuition

Skype voice coaching is more intense. When you travel to my private practice, I welcome you in, wash your hands, hang your coat up and make you a hot or cold drink.

You settle yourself – often people need the loo and take time to arrange their things at the table and generally familiarise themselves with me and their new surroundings!

Then, finally, we begin.

With Skype Voice Coaching we can start immediately

When you have a lesson on Skype, you’ve made your tea or coffee, made your self comfortable, don’t feel self conscious ‘cos I’m not sitting opposite you, haven’t spent half an hour on the tube, probably have a full tummy and are generally ready and raring to go in the warmth & comfort of your own home! 🙂

Skype Voice Coaching can ensure You Receive a Video of The Entire Lesson

Skype voice coaching ensures you have video of you & me and the whole class containing all the tuition information. Every minute of that lesson can be recorded so that you see yourself learning, repeating, improving, doing something correctly, doing it incorrectly – which is the fastest way to learn.

AND on the play back, all the time we are both on split screen, so you can compare, which is a brilliant way to learn.

For elocution, speech clarity, accent softening, accent change, projection, pitch, tone, pacing, breathing, mumbling, swallowing words, interview preparation, business presentations etc etc etc – it is the best!

Skype Voice Coaching Allows You To Experience ‘You’, As Others Do 

Learning from Skype voice coaching you get to view you, as a product – a set of shapes and a repertoire of sounds.

And once you see yourself objectively, on a screen like you see a tv or movie star – you are in control.

Because then, you can then set about making the changes you want to change and celebrate those things you don’t!

BUT the point is you are no longer a victim of other’s people’s perception – you become the director or producer of your public image –

You are in control.

You can’t change what you haven’t noticed 🙂

Learning from Skype voice coaching i.e. watching yourself communicating – speech, body language, eye contact is the fastest way to learn the physical changes you want to learn.

This isn’t a cereal training – I’m teaching you spelling – I’m teaching you speech delivery – i.e. a physical training and learning from vision is much more accurate, faster and so efficient with much better results, rather than from memory & notes!

After every lesson I send you notes of what you’ve learned anyway – so you always have back up – but the videos are the best.

Sound is an end result of engineering

If we have spoken – I will have explained to you that sound is the end result of how you use your muscles.

What I mean is: sound is not an entity in its own right but the product of a  collection of muscles, cavities & teeth working together & in different combinations 0f movements, to form different sounds which make up our words.

So when a word isn’t clear, I can ask you to bring your mouth towards the camera and I can see exactly why that happened and what the problem is.

Moreover, so can you – whereas in person I would stand over you, see for myself and though explain, that’s not a patch on you seeing what you’ve been doing and so then being in control, armed with new info and footage of you doing it correctly!

Nearly every student who has met me in person and then tried Skype, has switched – it is SO MUCH BETTER VALUE because the learning is SO MUCH QUICKER!

I do have a Skype preparation list – camera angle, desk prep for light etc that I will send you so you can’t just set up for a chat with your granny – just incase you are still doubting the efficacy of this – but it’s easy and just a matter of organising a few things e.g. so that your face is well lit so I can see what your tongue is up to!

Try it & see!

There’s a reason why Utube is a worldwide success! 🙂