Clarity is not about ‘Class’ or Regional Accents.  You only have to watch Eastenders to learn about this. If those actors genuinely spoke as if they sold fruit on the North End Road in Fulham let alone London’s Eastend – the BBC would not be able to sell that programme all around the world.

And it does.

Having done some work on Eastenders, I know how wonderful it is to receive the repeat fees as the individual programs and the omnibuses go wizzing round the world…. and this is all because those Eastenders say their t’s and d’s!

Yes, without those speech defining consonants, those in Dehli or Texas or Stockholm wouldn’t know what the hell those funny, angry, impassioned, dramatic characters were on about… literally.

‘Sa -ugh – day’ might be easy for you to recognize, because you are probably familiar with Cockney or London Street speak – using the glottal stop instead of a T;  but a chap or chappess in Borneo, might need a little more help!

Regional accents are the vivid and opulescent tapestry silks of our beautiful Isle ~ but we all need the consonants clearly defined, to help us understand one another… and so care…  about what one another is actually saying.

Happy Autumn.

Love Rachel