Paypal Payment Page

The prices on the PayPal Payment Page are higher than bank transfers, to cover the cost of the commission earned by Paypal

First Lesson, or the – Try Me Out 🙂 – option –  always 90 mins

Normally £222 so plus Paypal commission £230


12 Hours Package minus DISCOUNT  of £175

= £1,601

plus Paypal Commission means £1652  


1 Hour

£148  plus Paypal Commission means £154 


Acting For Students 1 Hour

= £135

plus Paypal Commission means = £141



Please note the fees are nonreturnable and by transferring the money you are agreeing to these terms.

24hrs notice of cancellation must be given by email; watsap; text; voice message or direct call unless a response from me has been elicited – this is so that you know that I know, you have had to cancel the lesson – thank you. Over 24hrs notice means you keep your money as credit.


BeSpoke Study Ades 

(click here for explanation)

Listen and Repeat . . . Your Practice Program Audio File 

15/30 minute recording of me recording your work words, with space after each one, for you to listen and repeat.

i.e. a tailor made Practice Audio File specific to your and/or your company’s needs for you to keep.  

Charged in units of 15 mins @ £40