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Paypal Payment Page

The prices on the PayPal Payment Page, are higher than bank transfers, to cover the cost of the commission earned by Paypal

12 Hours Package minus DISCOUNT  of £150

= £1,470

plus Paypal Commission means plus £75  


4 Hours 

plus Paypal Commission means 4 x £135 = £540 +£25


One Hour Only

£135  plus Paypal Commission means £142 


Please note the fees are nonreturnable and by transferring the money you are agreeing to these terms.

24hrs notice of cancellation must be given by email; watsap; text; voice message or direct call unless a response from me has been elicited – this is so that you know that I know, you have had to cancel the lesson – thank you. Over 24hrs notice means you keep your money as credit.