British Accent

For learning a British Accent: I have just received the most delightful review by a Cambridge post grad and top banker, whom explains very well, how I work. 

Rachel is not like other voice coaches, she is one of a kind.

Despite having lived, studied and worked in the UK for a long time, I never managed to master the British accent.

When learning to speak a language, people are usually told to keep practising.

Some people also assume that if you live in the UK long enough, you will naturally develop a British accent. That is not the case, unless you know the right way to practise.

I took a package of 12 hours with Rachel in November ‘17, where she showed me the exact approach to pronounce all the English vowels and consonants by changing the position of my tongue and mouth. I’m glad that I decided to choose Rachel instead of spending countless hours with someone else going through the difference between “ship” and “sheep”…

Despite not having done much practice since my lessons finished, my clarity has improved tremendously. I was told by some people that I had a British accent.

I was so impressed with Rachel that I came back to ask her to help with my body language and presentation skills. With her background as an actress, she understands human psychology and how to make yourself appealing to the audience.

She also helped to simplify my horrendously long script and condense it into short, concise sentences.

I found that spending a couple of hours with Rachel was more effective than the whole corporate training course at my company.

The only downside of taking lessons with Rachel is that she is such a fascinating person to talk to. As Rachel is a great conversationalist and I sometimes found myself sidetracked, then realized I had new vowels to practise.

It is a combination of Rachel’s great personality, her cozy flat in West London and her personable approach that makes my learning experience with her thoroughly enjoyable.

K.S, Investment Manager, Private Equity