Public Speaking

This will sound shock you as it did me but research has found that people are more frightened of public speaking, than dying!

It is the No. 1 fear! So, if this is your fear, you are not alone, in fact quite the opposite.

A dear friend, who shall remain nameless, told me that public speaking terrified him, even though he loved motivational speaking and really enjoyed helping people. He is an excellent business coach and has helped many people on a one to one basis, so, I told him the following… (and he told me to blog it!)

When you are talking to me or someone you are helping, you are focused on them and whether they understand what you are saying. You consider & monitor whether they are feeling confident and comfortable with the information you are giving them and vary your delivery accordingly i.e. you are focusing on them.

THIS IS KEY to making you feeling more confident and delivering your message better when you are public speaking.

FOCUS ON YOUR MESSAGE AND COMMUNICATING to your audience what you want to say knowing that they are there because they really want to hear you and understand you.

Look at them, check they can hear and understand you (so you need to be really confident about your content) and focus on sharing your knowledge with THEM.

Practice to the mirror: would you want to watch you? Are you animated? Warm? Generous & clear with your explanations?  Keep going over and over your script (and edit accordingly) to the mirror, until you feel you are giving something useful and worthwhile and then you are bound to enjoy your successful public speaking!








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