Rachel Preece MA Elocution, Accent Reduction or Accent Softening, Public Speaking Voice Coach

Lady Rachel Preece Voice Coach Public SpeakingThe Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – MA
King’s College, London University – MA
Ian Adam ~ Singing
Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art – Distinction 
St James’s  College (Business) ~ now Quest Professional

Located near the Centre of London, I am easy to find and I enjoy a hugely diverse clientel including: Senior Executives in all areas of Banking; Management Consultants; IELTS students; Actors; Lawyers; Barristers; TV Presenters; Surgeons; Doctors; Whitehall Civil Servants; Architects;  Accountants; IT Specialists; Senior Executives in Energy companies; Senior Executives in Pharmaceutical companies; University Professors; students & CEO’s.

Speaking with confidence!

Learn Clear Standard English, excellent Elocution and enhance your Business Presentation Skills – so whether you are public speaking; presenting to camera or presenting a presentation; chatting on a first date; delivering your daughter’s wedding speech; doing an IELTS exam or entertaining clients, you will be clearly understood, dispelling any shyness & allowing your personality to shine through: thus enhancing all areas of your life…

Tailormade Lessons

I’ll prepare a bespoke and tailor made plan for you: teaching you how to speak clearly and effectively.

We will target the vocabulary and phrases you use everyday in your business and your personal life so that you start feeling more confident after just one session!  I’ll write or help you write your public speaking presentations and teach you how to perform them so that people think you are a great public speaker and you can enjoy impressive results very quickly!

Hear My Voice

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For different deliveries of my voice please visit
Rachel’s Voices page

So come and learn to speak with confidence!

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