International & UK Skype Video Lessons

Skype video lessons are excellent value: in so many ways.

Per pound you receive so much more tuition, as there is absolutely no time wasted in coats being taken off, the bathroom being used, me offering you drinks and making you cups of tea/coffee etc!

You skype video me at the time arranged and we start work immediately.

Skype video lessons mean you receive more tuition time per hour paid for AND you have a video copy of the entire lesson!

Not only is this great for replaying to remember and really learn everything – BUT it is an integral (essential) part of my training that you observe yourself objectively on the screen after the lessons – because this is when you really start to be in control, of what you are doing.

You will be able to watch a skype video replay of you and me on a split screen, so that you can very clearly see what you were doing wrong and what you are now doing correctly and also see and observe what I’m doing and compare.

Many of my students who buy packages of 12 hours, even though they choose to come in person, try having Skype video lessons and mostly prefer them! No travelling, in your own home, warm and comfortable and no extra travel costs or time AND a video of the lesson.

What is there not to prefer?!

I have been told I sound like I live part time in England & that I have an Oxford English accent!
Skype Lessons 

Stella Wilde (German), Financial Technical Analyst in Munich

Having a one-to-one session in person, with the lovely Rachel Preece is a great thing but, having your lesson with her over Skype, takes it to a whole new level.
You get so much more value for your money, as Rachel asks you to record the lesson, so that you’re able to go back and replay the lesson as many times as you want!
You can see when you got it right and when you didn’t, making learning from her, super fast.
It’s also great if you’re going to be on camera, allowing you to be more objective about yourself and how you come over on screen. Changes can happen very quickly & sometimes instantly because you learn to how monitor yourself to keep projecting the sound and image you want.
I highly recommend learning from Rachel on Skype
Stacey A .D –  Freelance Broadcast Journalist

Stacey A .D , Freelance Broadcast Journalist