A Good Voice Coach

Twenty seven years ago, I had an a very good voice coach called, Stewart Pearce for three years at The Webber Douglas Academy of Art and having studied with two heads of Voice at RADA I can categorically say he was better than both – hence he became Master of Voice at The Globe Theatre.

He taught me how to play with my voice, making it resonate in different parts of my body and allowing me to play with my voice to illicit different feelings in my listener.

If this is of interest to you please take a look at the book called, The Alchemy of Voice which has some good breathing exercises and would be a great help to us if you would like me to teach you how to play with your voice like this.

Of course the instructions are not as detailed and as effective as actually doing the exercises with me but you would find this base knowledge would definitely help you and enable us to work more quickly – which saves you money!

A good voice coach cares about you and your career and so tailor makes the course they teach you just for your needs.

I love being a good voice coach: my students’ success makes me happy.