One of the techniques I teach for creating a bright, open, attractively toned voice, is a singing dicipline I learned from my late singing teacher Ian Adam.

He was a wonderful man whom believed and proved, as I have done using his techniques, that ANYONE can sing.

And indeed using his methods, I have helped people who were consigned to mouthing in the school choir, to singing mellifluously and in tune!

One of his tips was use the ‘mask’. A classical term used in singing – note the female lead in the new Les Miserables film – the blonde juvenile lead – I think she uses it – a beautiful voice that rings like a clear bell – Amanda Seyfried – she plays Cosette.

If you introduce this ‘mask’ technique into your everyday speaking, it makes you sound brighter, warmer and more attractive to listen to..

And, if you have a difficult speech, or complicated technical language to express – it makes it so much easier to say the words!

Using ‘the mask’ is employing the muscles that a lot of actresses use when in front of a camera – as they give you instantly defined high cheek bones too! And, raise and tighten the jaw line – very useful for us middle aged folk!

They are the cheek muscles either side of your nose – but the trick is to raise them without permanently grinning – as you must not look like a clown every time you sing or speak!

Next time you are on the phone, smile through out your conversation and you will notice how the bright tone of your voice effects your listener. The challenge then, is to isolate the muscles and engage them without grinning and the easiest way to practice this is, to stand in front of a mirror and  hum your favourite tune!

… I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes, Rachel