You Choose How You would like to sound…

 Soften or Reduce Your Existing Accent

 Standard English / Received Pronunciation ~ which is Clear & Universally Understood

 Posh Privately Educated sounding English

Because I am a natural mimic, I can impersonate you to help you hear the sounds you are making and how and why.

This makes learning a new accent or mode of speaking very fast: whether it be simply softening your own regional sounds; speaking Clear Standard English; Privately Educated Posh English; learning a dialect; projecting more clearly for public speaking  and or business presentations.

You will learn how to pronounce clear, well spoken English vowels; use correct grammar; employ precise consonants; breathing techniques and posture that will enhance the sound of your voice and enable you to achieve different qualities of sound so that you will be in control of your voice and have the flexibility to change it for specific situations for example to sound warmer or more authoritative. So, whether you are in the boardroom, making a presentation, going out for dinner, pinning down a deal on the phone, entertaining clients, performing public speaking or communicating with your boss, you will radiate with more confidence!

And people will want to listen to your voice more and more..